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“Substance declarations, supply chain risk and product obsolescence: How to master the supply chain”

Centralization of distribution and production locations, combined with low inventory and just-in-time (JIT) has led to a more vulnerable supply chain. Further through the reduction of alternative suppliers and missing transparency into the supply chain the risk of continuity disruption is ever present. Ever changing legal requirements, product obsolescence and geopolitical changes introduce additional stress to the supplier network. Gaining back the transparency into alternative manufactures for your chosen components and being aware of planned obsolescence’s of your supplier parts is key for business continuity. Understand how early in the product lifecycle stage the component engineer is enabled to identify and judge the risk of their selected supply chain parts, compare alternative components and manufactures and design for supply chain redundancy to mitigate the vulnerability. By having access to the most up-to-date data, the right decision on components can be made. Within Teamcenter, predict the years till the end-of-life of your supply chain components and identify counterfeit risks. Early and pro-active identification of these stated risks is key for their judgment and potential risk mitigation. The Teamcenter Compliance Solution is enabled to communicate with the data intelligence tool SiliconExpert. Here, up to date supplier part data is persistently stored within the PLM system and a configurable BOM-analysis enables the identification of potential risks for the complete product portfolio. See how the electronic component manufacturer elobau uses Teamcenter to forecast their supply chain risk, manage obsolescence and meet environmental requirements. See what technical but also process changes have been made in order to gain transparency into the supply chain.