Together we bring a Solution for your Substance Compliance as well as your Risk- & Obsolescence Management

About SiliconExpert

SiliconExpert provides the relevant data and insights needed to mitigate risk in a product lifecycle plan – from development to production to maintenance. More than 500 electrical, software and data engineers handcraft SiliconExpert’s component database of more than one billion parts to deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date tools in the industry. Customers around the world use their solutions to manage risk, prevent counterfeits and mitigate obsolescence in innovative industries such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, medical and aerospace.

Thanks to SiliconExpert’s extensive data sourcing of supplier part information and Nexpirit’s detailed expert knowledge, we can offer our customers the best possible support during implementation in Teamcenter. The Teamcenter Compliance Solution is able to communicate with the data intelligence tool SiliconExpert. This means that current SupplierPart data is persistently stored in the PLM system and a configurable BOM analysis enables the identification of potential risks for the entire product portfolio. By evaluating all risk data, it is possible to identify potential risks of obsolescence or counterfeiting early in the product lifecycle and handle them proactively. The core Teamcenter extension with SiliconExpert helps you to drive your products and innovations on a whole new level.

Extensive Data Sourcing provied by SiliconExpert

Statement for Risk Assessment

Implementation of Supplier Part Data in Teamcenter

Identification of Obsolescence and Counterfeiting Risk

Key Features

Restoring visibility into alternative manufacturers for components and knowing planned obsolescence or counterfeiting of supplier parts is key to business continuity.


  • Transparency within your supply chain

  • Forecasting risks

  • Detect and advoid counterfeit

  • Manage obsolescence risk

  • Meet environmental requirements

Core Teamcenter Extension

Use Case – Elobau Minimizes Errors and Costs with Nexpirit and SiliconExpert

Discover how Elobau, a global manufacturer of sensor technology, level measurement and control elements, uses the Siemens Teamcenter platform to manage its product knowledge.